We are INSTANT, a band that shares the creative process of the songs with people that inspire us to make from our music, a voyage of discovery. This people can be artists or not, we dont care. We just decided to unblock our songs and connect them to inspiring stories and other forms of creation. We create a magical Instant result out of each one of them.

Also, we have decided to respect the beauty of mistakes and the imperfections of the first shoots that give something unique and extraordinary. We keep the spontaneous moments as they are, and turn our music somehow in polaroid sounds.

And we created all this because of being completely in love of unforgettable instants and the people who have created them..

Band members: Jesús Díaz, Joan Giménez and Pau Robert.



Artists and contributors that have joined us in this adventure.
La Intrusa
Dance | Stage Projects
LA INTRUSA is a contemporary artistic creation company formed in
1996 by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz. They create, direct and produce theatrical and audiovisual projects, collaborating with various national and international artists from different disciplines. They have presented their creations in more than 30 countries and have been awarded nationally and internationally.

Iñaki Luis
Photographer | Videographer
Basque photographer in continuous search and finding of his own way of looking at the world. Since he started his journey, he hasn't got lost by the mermaid's song unless they were part of his dreams. And so, he goes with passion through the long path that is photography, his vital project. Writing with light, with subtlety and the power that shoots his machine.
Claudia Llosa
Film director and screenwriter
Peruvian film director resident in Barcelona. Her focus and cinematic vision has confirmed with the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for Best Film and she was nominated for Academy Awards for her film 'The Milk Of Sorrow'. Now she's working on his third film Aloft (Cry/fly)
Carla Sendino
Multidisciplinary artist
Currently she lives in LA where she experienced firsthand how film industry works there and this made her to rethink about her future. At present, she feels herself in a deadlock more alive than ever. Photography and music are two of her passions.
Patossa - Patrícia Barrachina
Ilutration, animation, artistic objects
Patossa adds blank paper, ideas, concepts, shapes, inks, colours, textures, stains, errors, and stop motion. The concrete to the abstact. The abstract to the beauty.
The beauty to the ugly. The ugly to make up. Make up to play. Play to fly. An so on.
Javi Cervera
Musician, percussionist and educator
Musician, percussionist and philosopher down to the earth. He makes music, works with children and teachs them to fly even higher.
Jesús Díaz
Musician & soundtrack composer
Musician and singer in Instant´s songs, passionate about people, ideas and crossroads. He makes music for films, publicity and instants.


Show at Teatro Principal, Santiago de Compostela 10/05/2017

Instant will be joining Jesús Díaz, bringing to a live performance the music he composed for the dance performance Mud Gallery by La Intrusa.
Come and join us!

Show at Utopia Markets 18/03/2017

We'd love to invite you to participate in our next show at the Utopia Markets of Poetry, writing lyrics for one of our songs! Follow the link for more info!
We are looking forward to it!

Live at Koitton Club - 14/01/2017

After the great welcoming we had in our start as a band, next saturday 14 we are back on stage in Koitton Club (C/ Rossend Arús 9).

Cover: 3€

Come and join us!

Show at Cara B - 2/12/2016

The first show of the band Instant, a project that started as community of artitsts that would create a piece of work inspired by songs that Jesús Díaz shared.
Now we are on the road to share this inspirational journey with all of you..

Mud Gallery - La Intrusa

On January 18th, La Intrusa, these genius of movement and body presented in El Matadero (Madrid) their show Mud Gallery. Here you can find the trailer with the music that Jesús Díaz from Instant composed for their performance and that we play now live!!

Video Koitton Club Live

Thank you very much to everyone that joined us in our last show and for sharing so much energy with us. It was amazing! Here there's an instant of the song Personal Rome, which was composed for the incredible dance performance Mud Gallery by the great La Intrusa: Virginia García, Damián Muñoz.
More shows coming soon!
Video by: Yoana Miguel